Dr. Steph Romero looking at clinic locations in Guelph Ontario. Manifest it

Quick-E #2: The Power We Hold Within Ourselves

I strongly believe in the power we hold within ourselves to make things happen despite the circumstances thrust upon us. Manifestation/goal-setting/visualization…whatever you want to call it, just do it!

For example, this photo was take little over a year ago. After we had just viewed the space for the first time. We had this inexplainable gut feeling about it so we took a picture and agreed that we would manifest the sh** out of it.

We thought about it constantly, visualized what the space could look like, drew up floor plans, brainstormed ideas for what could be, all before even meeting with the landlord.

Every single time we drove by this plaza, we would say, “hi baby” as if it were already our own.   

Looking back, I am so damn proud of us.  

Fearless, confident, and determined even though we had NO idea what we were getting into!

Some days it feels like we’re not making progress. While we’re not where we imagined we’d be right now, we’re a heck of a lot further than we were a year ago…and I know you are too.  

Think about it! 

Look at how far you’ve come in this trying year! Imagine where you could be a year from now if you whole-heartedly and fearlessly decide to manifest the sh** out of something.

You’d be surprised by the power we hold within ourselves.

You’ve got this,