Steph and Drew reveal clinic name: function health + wellness

Clinic Name Reveal: function health + wellness

We recently revealed our clinic name: function health + wellness.  This announcement was something we kept holding off.  I don’t know why.  I guess we were waiting for the “right” time…whatever that means. 

However, we actually knew this would be the name a long time ago and even registered it last January!  

function health + wellness logo

What’s in a name: function health + wellness?

Thinking back to how we came to this name, there wasn’t exactly a process.  When we were first brainstorming names, we knew 2 things that we DID NOT see for ourselves:

  1. The word “chiropractic” in the name
    • We have always known that we want to build a collaborative team and offer more than chiropractic to our patients
  2. A last name (ie. Thomson or Romero)
    • Quite simply, not for us…less about us, and more about what we stand for

Building your own clinic or business also means you are building a brand.  We have both been very fortunate to work for a well-known brand that has established itself far beyond the product/service they offer (hint: leggings).  For our business, we had the foresight to see that we wanted to create something more than your traditional clinic.

After throwing names around, we landed at: the function junction – where health meets wellness.

Dr. Romero's first iterations of logos for "the function junction" showing the evolution of function health + wellness.

MEH. Not bad, not great BUT in the end, we felt it was a bit too gimmicky. And LOL at my designs (it’s all apart of the process!), we’ve come a long way.

Back to the drawing board…or so we thought.

One day we were driving and it came to me, “what about if we just called it ‘function‘?”.

BOOM. That’s the one.

When you know, you know, right?

So, function health + wellness was born, or function for short.

Story: We knew we were on to something when I told a clinician at our school and no word of a lie, his response was, “f*cking brilliant”.  Thanks for the hype, Dr. Goldin!

So, what does “function” mean and what does it represent?

We chose to include “health + wellness” because it’s important to give some context to what we provide as you will see, “function” has many different meanings!  

Here are 4 different meanings and how they represent us:

  1. If you were to ask us what function represented last year, our thoughts were probably what most people would associate it with, how something works and in this case, the human body.

    Yes, this is true as chiropractors, we are MSK experts; focused on movement and overall function of the body.  BUT, as we came to realize over this past year, there are other ways this word can relate to what we envision for our clinic, our brand, our purpose.
  1. Function can also mean something’s purpose.

    Beyond movement, we found ourselves asking, what is our purpose as clinicians, entrepreneurs, and members of our community?  We dove further and further into this by simply asking, why?.

    We aim to provide exceptional care to our patients so that they can move better.
    So that they can continue doing the things they love.
    To live their lives as happy and barrier-free as possible.
    To better fulfill their life’s purpose and contribute to the greater good of our community.

    We want to create a space of empowered individuals (our team included) working towards their personal health AND life goals in a supportive + safe environment.
  1. Function also means a group gathering.

    Community is our core value.  We hope to live this out in various ways.  It’s hard to think of group gatherings in these COVID times, but we believe (when it’s safe of course), that we can foster community through different group training/classes, hosting different events in our space that bring value to our people, and getting involved in our greater Guelph community. (want to know why we chose Guelph? Read here.)

    It might look a little different than initially envisioned, but you gotta get creative, adapt and pivot.

    Again, we are building more than a clinic.  We are building community.
  1. Last but not least, function is a mathematical term where very simply, a function is a resulting output from a specific input.

    We relate this back to health.  There are SO many factors that affect one’s health like diet, exercise, genetics, stress, sleep, social determinants of health etc.  

    We envision a truly, collaborative multidisciplinary clinic with practitioners of various disciplines so that we can best care for the health of our patients.  We’re talking physiotherapists, RMTs, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, psychotherapists, fitness professionals (ie. yoga, pilates, personal trainers) and more.  Not only do we want to work alongside others, but we also want to LEARN alongside others…again, coming back to this idea of community.

If you want to see the full reveal and some details about the physical space, check out the recording of our Instagram LIVE on @dr.stephromero!

A Moment of Gratitude

So that’s the what and why behind our clinic name, function health + wellness.  While our timeline was pushed back and things are not exactly looking how we had hoped they’d be right now, we are extremely grateful for the gift of time COVID has granted.  Allowing us to further dive into our WHY for our clinic and for ourselves. It has grown far beyond what we initially had envisioned.

Steph + Drew holding hands in a forest.

This blog and sharing with all of you was a direct result of that as well and we are so so thankful for your continued support.

Thank you for joining us on this journey thus far. 

function is coming.

Signature sign off for Steph + Drew